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It’s like Christmas ALL OVER AGAIN!

l-HallelujahI had a monumental break-through last night!

I am currently working on a project for a friend’s wedding. She asked me to do a really intricate design that would definitely take a good chunk of time. Suddenly as I was working last night, I remembered a Christmas present that I go two years ago. It was a Bamboo Wacom digital drawing tablet. The idea was as if I was drawing with pen and paper like normal, but it would instantly be on my computer instead of scanning and tracing with mouse clicks like normal. Well when I first got it, I tested it out a little, but for some reason didn’t understand and became frustrated with how to use it. So unfortunately it sat on the shelf, rarely used until now.

Fast forward to last night, I broke out that little gadget as I faced the daunting task of tracing vines. Two years of constantly working on Adobe Illustrator has obviously taught me something, because I suddenly figured out how to use that little gadget perfectly with this program and traced those vines in no time!! I was so excited I nearly wet myself!

I just had to share this because my mind has now flooded with new ideas thanks to this “new” tool at my disposal. And it seriously felt like Christmas because in that moment it was like I had just gotten it  yesterday! And this tool is going to be the key to expanding my products beyond the MINI Cooper theme, and improve my freelance projects as well!

So a huge thanks to my Mom and Dad for getting this wonderful gift for me, and sorry for it taking so long for me to put it to good use!


Site Revamp

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about blogging, marketing, and businesses in general thanks to my boyfriend. Since I have future plans to make my hobby for graphic design into a small business, I’ve been thinking a lot more about this blog and what direction to take it.

I thought about creating a blog just for my business, but then I knew that would mean virtual death to this one. What I realized is that I needed this blog to encompass not just my travels, not just my walk with God, not just my business, but everything about me.

It really isn’t much different then what it already was, but with more depth, sharing everything from the lighthearted to the serious, from casual to business. Anything and everything that all simply defines me and who I am and what I’m about.

So renaming it to Watch4Whit seemed to better exemplify the change. Please note that even the web address has changed to (which I hope to someday purchase as a domain). I’m really excited about this change and what I’ll be doing with this blog in the future!

I’ll also quickly note that I will be a consistent guest author on my boyfriend’s blog as well. You can find it here. We are both pursuing the habit of blogging every day and he’s a lot better at being consistent than I am. And he writes a lot of good stuff too so you should check it out.

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to share!

Keep watchin’!

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14 Days Later: Back to “Normal”

It’s been two weeks already. Two weeks! How did that happen? I meant to post sooner; I’ve been wanting to share some reflections now that I have returned home, but it took a while to get back to a normal schedule.

I was really excited to be home for one singular reason–my boyfriend.  My spirits were high and my eagerness barely under control thanks to my anticipation of being in his arms again. And once I was finally there, it was like releasing a breath that I had been holding way too long. Relaxed and relieved.

IMG_3787He gave me a wonderful surprise when he took me home. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but on the evening of the day I left for Romanian, my absolute favorite author and his co-author were IN TOWN doing a book signing. When I found out, I was devastated that I was going to miss that by just a few hours! Naturally, I told him about it, so that night after he dropped me off at the airport, he went and got a book signed for me and even got a picture with them! I never knew until I saw the book hiding under a pillow on my bed when I got back. I squealed and nearly knocked him over with a hug when I saw it :). It meant so much to me that he did that! And he continued to be Mr. Wonderful during the first half of the week as I dealt with the lasting effects of jet-lag. It was really rough. I was tired nearly all the time, would wake up on and off all night, and had a horrible time trying to eat normally. Going back to work was hard too and I am thankful that it wasn’t super busy that week because I was a zombie. I drank a lot of coffee. But those days are mostly a blur now. It wasn’t until the second half of the week that I started feeling normal again, and by that time, my poor guy caught a nasty cold. Our assignments suddenly switched and I spent the rest of the week helping him get better quickly. So that first week was difficult and certainly abnormal but we got to spend a lot of time together and that was all that mattered to me.

As surprising as this is, once I got over jet-lag, I experienced a little bit of culture shock again as I re-adjusted to American life. I had to re-learn what was normal. It was not as profound as the moments of culture shock I experienced in Romanian. I just realized that while everything was the same, everything felt different. It wasn’t hard to figure out that I had changed, that I had gained new perspectives.  At first it was just a series of emotions that I didn’t understand. I felt a sadness and disappointment for the abundance that people live with here, and yet always want more. I felt a new appreciation, and embarrassment for how much I have, and of that, how little I really need. I felt humbled by the hospitality I was shown there that is greater than the “southern hospitality” version here. And at the base of it all, I wondered if we have grown so used to our freedoms here that we don’t even appreciate them anymore, or fight for them like we used to.

So yes, this trip changed me, like I knew it would. And the one thing that this trip affirmed for me most is that I do not want a typical American life. I don’t want to just work, just have a family, just go to church, just live in a house, and just barely have any kind of real relationship with God, wondering whether I’m really His. I want a life that is fully His to use, no matter where that takes me. I hope it means traveling the world, because I definitely want that. But more importantly, I want to live the life that God promised, a life in full (John 10:10). I want to go out and experience the world, I want to be used by His hand and see the power and purpose He brings about in this world. Because that life is the one worth living. The one that says, even if I had nothing else, I  still have Jesus, and that is enough, more than enough!

It’s a mindset that I have been working towards, slowed by my own doubts and fears, but reaffirmed from time to time, and especially now after I have returned. And I hope it is what will also keep this blog going, because writing it my outlet. It is the way I come to understand myself, God, and the world around me best, and equally share that understanding with others. And the life I hope to lead for God will certainly be worth sharing!

Thank you all for following me throughout this journey. The mission trip is over, but this is only the beginning. Thank you for your prayers and love!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Counting Down the Hours!!

Whew, finally get to sit down and relax for a little bit. Granted, I sit all day at work, but with how stressful it’s been the past two weeks, I feel like I’ve been running a marathon!

It finally hit me today. Excitement is starting to bubble to the surface in spurts of excitement and loud singing in my car! It’s been so crazy at my job though that it has been hard to be excited. I’ve just been focusing so hard on getting everything done in preparation for my trip, both at work and at home, that’s there been no room to think about the trip. But man, I tell you what, when 12 o’clock hits tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be like “See ya!” and head out that office door, releasing all that stress and focus to let my excitement kick into high gear!

Tonight though, I’m just relaxing. I’m all packed except for the few things I can’t pack until morning, so I finally have everything done. I’m just going to enjoy the rest of my evening in the comforts of home, get a good nights rest, and hop on a plane tomorrow to Romania!

Thank you everyone for the prayers and encouragement on both my blog and related Facebook posts! Keep in touch, because the moment is finally here, and my posts will hopefully be A LOT more interesting!!




1.5 Days!

Excitement is building….

Preparations nearly done…

….and sleep eludes me.

Prayers for peace so I can sleep, prayers for work to still complete.


1 Week to Go!

I’m starting to have those “slight” panic moments where reality hits me like a ton of bricks with the realization of how close my trip is now, and how I’m actually FINALLY going out of the country somewhere. Those moments go something like this:

-sudden gasp- “holy crap! Ok. Breath. It’s so soon!”

Shortly after, my mind would buzz into a string of thoughts about what else needs to be done and what else I need to do to prepare. Am I ready? Have I got everything I need? The first time this happened, this moment of panic, I realized I needed to write down everything I needed to do, then plan it out day by day until the day I leave. So far it has been a huge relief. Those moments quickly pass when I simply remember what I planned for the day, and focused on that only.

Since I have so far been working off that list, preparing has gone rather smoothly. So smoothly, that I’m not used to it and wonder if I am forgetting things. Surely I am. But that’s ok, I’ll be ready to go one way or the other and the hours are quickly passing by. I’m so excited!

Tomorrow I’ll be spending my morning doing a test run of packing. I’m going to locate and gather everything that I want to take, then try to cut back so I don’t take too much. I want to pack light and have room for souvenirs for the trip back 🙂

In this last week, I would like to ask that everyone who reads this would take a moment to post a word of encouragement or prayer, whether it be on this post or future posts in these days leading up to when I leave. I’m really excited but still nervous and would love to know that people are praying for me! Thank you so much and have a wonderful weekend!