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It’s like Christmas ALL OVER AGAIN!

l-HallelujahI had a monumental break-through last night!

I am currently working on a project for a friend’s wedding. She asked me to do a really intricate design that would definitely take a good chunk of time. Suddenly as I was working last night, I remembered a Christmas present that I go two years ago. It was a Bamboo Wacom digital drawing tablet. The idea was as if I was drawing with pen and paper like normal, but it would instantly be on my computer instead of scanning and tracing with mouse clicks like normal. Well when I first got it, I tested it out a little, but for some reason didn’t understand and became frustrated with how to use it. So unfortunately it sat on the shelf, rarely used until now.

Fast forward to last night, I broke out that little gadget as I faced the daunting task of tracing vines. Two years of constantly working on Adobe Illustrator has obviously taught me something, because I suddenly figured out how to use that little gadget perfectly with this program and traced those vines in no time!! I was so excited I nearly wet myself!

I just had to share this because my mind has now flooded with new ideas thanks to this “new” tool at my disposal. And it seriously felt like Christmas because in that moment it was like I had just gotten it  yesterday! And this tool is going to be the key to expanding my products beyond the MINI Cooper theme, and improve my freelance projects as well!

So a huge thanks to my Mom and Dad for getting this wonderful gift for me, and sorry for it taking so long for me to put it to good use!


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WHIT/PEN is gearing up for the Holidays!

It’s been a week, I know, but I’ve been crazy busy fulfilling orders for WHIT/PEN and getting designs ready for the holidays. Yesterday I finally managed to debut my halloween designs and in November I’ll be debuting my Christmas cards!

That being said, I’m trying to get to 100 Likes on my Facebook Page. Please help me out and Click LIKE on my Facebook Page. As soon as I get 100 Likes, I’ll run a special 1-Day offer that you won’t want to miss!

And in the meantime, I’ll be working on adding even more to my inventory, and eventually branch out beyond the MINI Cooper designs. There will always be a special place in my shop for them, but I have so much more to offer!

Hope you are loving Fall as much as me!

Keep watchin’

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A Sketch of a Selfie

I hate trying to take selfies, especially with the iPhone. Sure, they make it real easy by putting a camera on the front, but the picture quality is really poor. Sometimes I feel awkward asking people to take a picture of me with my boyfriend when we are on a date, so I’ll just snap a quick pic.

I did this at Boomsday the other night, trying to get some of the fireworks in the backdrop.


Not a bad shot really, but its so grainy. At least it captured the moment though, right? Not worthy of printing or putting in a photo album, though.

So I come across these moments where I wish I could take better pictures, or recapture moments where we didn’t even break out a camera.

And I thought,

“Time to break out the pencil and paper!!”


And here’s the result. I was inspired to re-capture that moment together in front of the fireworks, so I doodled what it might have looked like to someone passing by. This was a very quick sketch, not even 15 minutes. But I went ahead and did it because I need to get back into practice again. I have a big idea in mind…..bigger than the fictional living room.  But that’s a long way off, and I can’t say anything more.

Either way, hoping to practice these little doodles more and improve my cartoon style.

Hope you enjoyed today’s doodle!

Keep watchin!


My Fictional Living Room

I love to draw. I don’t know if I always have but I remember it really taking off in Jr. High when I had was a bit of an outcast. I never took any art classes outside of my elementary school, but I started drawing my favorite cartoons constantly when I had nothing better to do at lunch time.

Through the years that cartoon style has stuck with me, and fueled my enjoyment when I was into role-playing because I would draw the characters I created. I also continued to develop a cartoon version of myself.

Which brings me to the picture I share today. After going through Interior Design, I began to pay attention to my surroundings more. When I moved into my new apartment after college, I had so many ideas on how I wanted to re-design it. Since I couldn’t afford it, I decided to draw it. And this is the most proud I’ve ever been of a personal drawing.


I’m proud of this drawing for a number of reasons. The proportions are the best of done when doing a complete setting. Most times I just draw my characters, no backgrounds. This is a complete snapshot! Plus, it was fairly close to my real apartment, with fictional elements mixed in to make it the space I saw in my head.

By the way, I don’t have a dog. That’s a wolf actually. Why is there a wolf in this drawing? It’s a long story…

But I will tell you, its my favorite animal, and was my main role-playing character during those days. So that wolf there, is basically my alter-ego, Kironi. I developed the character so much that it’s hard to get her out of my head now. But that’s ok :). Just another layer to my personality.

The final reason that I really love this composition is how much it challenged my graphic skills. Through online video tutorials, I learned how to color my line drawings on Photoshop and bring new life to them. And thanks to the classes I took in college, I was able to hone those skills into this wonderful result.

This is where my graphic skills really started to develop; when I really became interested in the avenue more and more. Its always fun to look back at how things began, especially now as I take my skills to new levels and hopefully build a business from it!

Thanks for reading! Keep watchin!

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Stickers for Your Walls: What a Concept!

Alright. This is one of my favorite, clever things on that has come out in the market in the past few years and I was reminded recently about how much I love them. If you’ve been in any store recently, especially a store that has home décor for sale, then you will undoubtedly find a section in the aisle, small or large, that has a collection of vinyl wall stickers for your home. Yes my friends, this is THE cheater’s way of adding something to an empty space on a wall that makes it look hand painted, especially if you buy the high quality kind. And you know there are people out there who can’t even draw a decent stick figure, let alone try and paint a beautiful quote or mural on a vertical surface. (No offense, because those who can’t draw often have other awesome skills that I wish I had). And hey, I may be able to crank out a decent drawing, but I’ve tried my hand at painting a quote on a wall and it took forever! Who has that kind of time or wants to waste that kind of effort when you’ve got vinyl wall applications available everywhere! Plus, they come right off! Perfect for dorms and apartments.

Plus, there are plenty of companies out there that would be glad to create a personalized vinyl sticker for you. One company I know of is called Uppercase Living. You can design your own quote, saying, verse, etc. right on their website. And there are plenty of local representatives that you work with to get the personalization you desire. I haven’t used this company before but I plan to someday.

Then of course there are plenty of individuals that make and sell vinyl sticker designs. I find a lot of them on, which was where I had the idea to share this as I was browsing around the site. This is a great site to find unique handmade items from talented artists, and also a great place for those who have those talents to sell their stuff.

So to end today’s post, I want to share some vinyl decal designs from two shops on Etsy that I absolutely love and would love to have in my own home someday.

from a shop on called Walldecors

Click here to visit Walldecors shop. 


from the shop called Designed Designer

Click here to visit DesignedDesigner’s shop.

Basically, vinyl stickers, wall decals, or whatever you want to call them, are pretty much awesome. Somehow I want to believe that whoever first came up with it got the idea from finding their kid has just plastered the wall with a bunch of My Little Ponies stickers in their bedroom. And while their scrubbing off the terrible residue for hours, they may be thinking, “Hey! What if I came up with some stickers that were actually made to apply to the wall? And surely there’s a way to make them come off just as easily.” And then their mind would be exploding with ideas and ways to apply this newfound concept.

Yup, I wish I knew that person.

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Ode to Dale Chihuly

Well, today is another unconventional post day. But! There will be pictures this time.

If any of you have studied art, you can skip this paragraph, because you already know whom I’m talking about. But for those who don’t know this famous artist, here is a little info. Dale Chihuly is a glass artist. He does blown glass sculptures and has shown exhibitions all over the word. He lost his sight in one eye in a car accident and can no longer do the glass blowing himself after a shoulder injury. So now he has a team of designers that he directs to do his designs.

Beautiful outdoor exhibit of one of Chihuly’s works

That’s a very short biography; you should Google more about him. Anyways, I was reading one of the interior design magazines we receive at the office and saw an article about a new permanent exhibit that has been built in St. Petersburg, FL for Chihuly. Basically, it talks about how the architect designed the space around the collection.

But it reminded me of how much I love Dale Chihuly’s work. Adding to my list of affinities for certain design elements, glass and color are two others on that list. And when these affinities are combined beautiful, I INSTANTLY love it! So seeing pictures of this exhibit made me really want to visit a Chihuly exhibit because of his use of blown, colorful glass sculptures and the clever lighting of these pieces that make them appear as if they were glowing.

An indoor display that shows how the lighting makes these look like they are glowing.

I not only love his work for the glass and lively colors, but also its ability to seem natural in whatever setting its placed. Especially when displayed outside in parks and nature scenes. I think the only exception would be the chandeliers. But chandeliers are meant to stand out and grab attention, so there you go.

Anyways, today I just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Chihuly and say “hey! I love your work! Thank you for being unique and artful and sharing your creations with the world!” And I’ve decided that someday I want to visit his largest permanent exhibition as part of that hypothetical “bucket list” stored in my head.

Chihuly is awesome.

Have a favorite artist?

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Metallation Extravagation!

(yeah, made-up words for the title today)

Welcome to Double Feature Monday!! Actually it’s not all that exciting and no, this will not become a regular thing. It’s only because there are two ideas that I love on one page from the DIY magazine I bought.

May I direct your attention to the wall art and beaded window curtains in the picture below.

From the DIY Magazine, Summer 2011, by Better Homes and Gardens

Ok, I will tell you right now that there are a few elements from design, nature, and life in general that I am instantly drawn to. I have already mentioned one, light, in the post Bottled Light. I am naturally drawn to light in any form. So another one is metallics. Anything that is a natural metal, looks like metal, or has a shine to it in general, instantly catches my eye.

So of course when I saw this in my DIY magazine, I instantly thought, “I have to try/have this,” since I have wanted to add a metallic element to my bedroom. So these two ideas are easy and fairly inexpensive ways to accomplish this.

First, the wall art. This is just roof flashing tape (or metal tape that looks like strips of foil), laid out on a white canvas in decorative patterns. The expensive part would be the canvas, and I was thinking what a waste it is not to paint the canvas. I mean, if you’re going to spend money on a canvas, why not paint the background to coordinate with the flashing. A fun color perhaps, or even an abstract composition with the flashing mixed in. There are plenty of ways to spice up this simple ideal.

Second, the bead curtain. These, as you hardware savy people may have noticed, are just metal washer strung together. Simple! And the effect is quite pleasing for something so ordinary. I’d like to see what other little things I could tie in with these washers. Maybe beads, or even nuts and bolts, haha. Maybe use colorful ribbon or string. Plenty of ways to personalize this idea too.

I might as well mention the few other metallic things in this room picture. The pillow has washers sewn onto it like buttons to tie in with the bead curtain. And the coffee table is actually a water heater stand. The room comes together nicely. A little flashing on that lampshade would be fun too.

So that’s my inspiration for the day; sharing my obsession with shiny things and finding a way to easily add this element to a space. Can’t wait to try it!

Anyone else share my affinity for the metallic side of life? Share your comments or thoughts!