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A Sketch of a Selfie

I hate trying to take selfies, especially with the iPhone. Sure, they make it real easy by putting a camera on the front, but the picture quality is really poor. Sometimes I feel awkward asking people to take a picture of me with my boyfriend when we are on a date, so I’ll just snap a quick pic.

I did this at Boomsday the other night, trying to get some of the fireworks in the backdrop.


Not a bad shot really, but its so grainy. At least it captured the moment though, right? Not worthy of printing or putting in a photo album, though.

So I come across these moments where I wish I could take better pictures, or recapture moments where we didn’t even break out a camera.

And I thought,

“Time to break out the pencil and paper!!”


And here’s the result. I was inspired to re-capture that moment together in front of the fireworks, so I doodled what it might have looked like to someone passing by. This was a very quick sketch, not even 15 minutes. But I went ahead and did it because I need to get back into practice again. I have a big idea in mind…..bigger than the fictional living room.  But that’s a long way off, and I can’t say anything more.

Either way, hoping to practice these little doodles more and improve my cartoon style.

Hope you enjoyed today’s doodle!

Keep watchin!



My Fictional Living Room

I love to draw. I don’t know if I always have but I remember it really taking off in Jr. High when I had was a bit of an outcast. I never took any art classes outside of my elementary school, but I started drawing my favorite cartoons constantly when I had nothing better to do at lunch time.

Through the years that cartoon style has stuck with me, and fueled my enjoyment when I was into role-playing because I would draw the characters I created. I also continued to develop a cartoon version of myself.

Which brings me to the picture I share today. After going through Interior Design, I began to pay attention to my surroundings more. When I moved into my new apartment after college, I had so many ideas on how I wanted to re-design it. Since I couldn’t afford it, I decided to draw it. And this is the most proud I’ve ever been of a personal drawing.


I’m proud of this drawing for a number of reasons. The proportions are the best of done when doing a complete setting. Most times I just draw my characters, no backgrounds. This is a complete snapshot! Plus, it was fairly close to my real apartment, with fictional elements mixed in to make it the space I saw in my head.

By the way, I don’t have a dog. That’s a wolf actually. Why is there a wolf in this drawing? It’s a long story…

But I will tell you, its my favorite animal, and was my main role-playing character during those days. So that wolf there, is basically my alter-ego, Kironi. I developed the character so much that it’s hard to get her out of my head now. But that’s ok :). Just another layer to my personality.

The final reason that I really love this composition is how much it challenged my graphic skills. Through online video tutorials, I learned how to color my line drawings on Photoshop and bring new life to them. And thanks to the classes I took in college, I was able to hone those skills into this wonderful result.

This is where my graphic skills really started to develop; when I really became interested in the avenue more and more. Its always fun to look back at how things began, especially now as I take my skills to new levels and hopefully build a business from it!

Thanks for reading! Keep watchin!