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LFTP #5: Cardio and Podcasts

LFTP = Leasons from the Pavement
While I’m no longer out walking the roads near my apartment, I and my fiancĂ© are happily back into a workout routine. So today I share one of the points made in a podcast I listened to during my cardio this morning.

How arrogant and foolish it is to think that we have God figured out. God, who’s knowledge and understanding reaches so much farther than we can even imagine. It’s like a mosquito landing on your shoulder and thinking, “yeah, I’ve got this guy figured out.” How ridiculous!

So today, I am humbled by how small my understanding is and be content to simply know that I am loved by the creator of the universe. And in pursuing a love for him, he will continue to show me great and unsearchable things 🙂


WHIT/PEN is having a BIG SALE this Holiday Weekend!!


WHIT/PEN is having a BIG SALE this Holiday Weekend!!

Click for more information!

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Reunited and it feels so good!

You know you sang that title 🙂

These pictures should explain it all…

IMG_4128 IMG_4127

Charlie is all fixed up and back in shape!! After a long long month, we are finally together again. Sadly, I have to go out of town this weekend and didn’t want to take the risk without getting out and about around town first. So while I leave my dear Charlie at home, I head to Indiana this weekend in a rental for my nephew’s birthday party.

But for the short time that I drove my Mini Cooper back home, I had a blast! Windows down, music blaring, and loving my car all over again!

Glad to have my Charlie back!

….yes I’m a nerd about my car.

Keep watchin’

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The need for a kick in the pants: reaction to government shut down

Ok so there is obviously a lot of opinions about the government shut down. I had a few thoughts on the matter to share.

1. I believe too many people rely on the government for income, and I refer to those who hardly work for it in return. Now that it’s been cut off, a lot of people will get a “kick in the pants” because they are forced to work support themselves and their families

2. On the other side of that, a lot of good honest working people are not able to work, their paycheck is cut off, and there is no guarantee that they will be compensated for however long it takes for the idiots in Washington to get their act together.

3. I think we need to give Congress and Obama and good “kick in the pants” for this idiocy. ESPECIALLY when they are still paying themselves their normal paychecks while penalizing the real workers in the government that actually keep the doors open. I am appalled by our government.

Those are my thoughts. Let your comments be made and heard!

And keep watchin’

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Fall is here!!

Wow September was a whirlwind of a month. I can’t believe it is October already! But oh how exciting my life has been recently! I’m so excited for Fall and the holiday season!

I am making it a goal to post every day this month, and continue on from there. I’ve had a lot of great ideas for blog posts but never get around to writing them. No more!

So let me catch you up on a few things. Charlie is feeling MUCH better! He’s been away for a whole month, but fortunately getting fixed now and I should have him back tomorrow! I was really hoping to get some real quality road time when I take my trip to Indiana this weekend, but its best to slowly work him back up to “road warrior” stage. So I’ll be taking a rental while my boyfriend looks after him. Oh well. there will be much rejoicing and quality time when I return.

WHIT/PEN is starting to get more and more traffic, and not by much that I’m really doing. I’ve had a sale just about every week in September, and my first big order! And not just any big order, but to non-other than an employee at the Mini Cooper Dealership in Nashville!! I’ve been working really hard to get this order squared away and, if I leave a good impression, will be expecting many more orders from her in the future! It’s got me making all kinds of plans on how I can get my products into other dealerships around the country! This business is gunna grow, and if you stick around, you’ll get to be a part of it!

And it’s not just my Etsy shop that has gotten business, but I’ve also had a number of freelance projects recently. A logo design, save the date designs, and wedding invitations. All for people I know but definitely giving me some serious experience (along with a hefty payment for that logo) that I can use in a portfolio for future prospective clients.

So like I said, it’s been a busy month, and the rest of the year will be just like it! Be on the lookout for holiday products coming soon to WHIT/PEN!

And in the meantime, enjoy a few snapshots from this month that I’ve been wanting to share:

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It’s a sad day for Charlie…

Charlie, my Mini Cooper, has always had a few issues. The day I bought him, the glove box compartment would just pop open on its own.

I guess he was saying hello…

Since then he’s done plenty of things to get my attention.

Like, the battery dying on a rainy day and the attempts to revive causing the windows to open.

Or the coolant tank bubbling and broiling over, causing smoke to come from under the hood. I think he was trying to imitate a dragon then, preparing for the drive and showing off his ferocity.

He really started showing signs of his “old age” when a tear was found in a hose. He should no better than to let his engine rub against that. (Definitely poor design on Mini Cooper’s part)

After all, he’s 9 years old. I figure car years are like dog years, so that’s definitely getting up there in age.

Which brings me to today, the beginning of another saga involving Charlie’s “attention-needing” issues. The check engine light was the most frequent of attention-getters. And I complied, ya know? New engine coil, new plugs, new wires. But apparently that wasn’t enough. So when I called in the experts I got the bad news. There’s some more serious issue in the engine.

Charlie isn’t just seeking attention now, he’s sick. And I’m sick thinking about how much its going to cost to make him better. But after the initial shock of “worst case scenario,” I remembered the stuff I’ve been learning about worry and how to accept the worst, then work to improve on it.

And so begins the saga. I’ll be asking around, getting at least one other mechanics opinion, and talk to my buddies in the Mini Cooper club for who they’ve gone to before. It’s going to be a rough road, but it’ll work out in the end.


Definitely asking for prayers on this one, just for me to stay positive through it all and not worry.



Site Revamp

Lately I’ve been learning a lot about blogging, marketing, and businesses in general thanks to my boyfriend. Since I have future plans to make my hobby for graphic design into a small business, I’ve been thinking a lot more about this blog and what direction to take it.

I thought about creating a blog just for my business, but then I knew that would mean virtual death to this one. What I realized is that I needed this blog to encompass not just my travels, not just my walk with God, not just my business, but everything about me.

It really isn’t much different then what it already was, but with more depth, sharing everything from the lighthearted to the serious, from casual to business. Anything and everything that all simply defines me and who I am and what I’m about.

So renaming it to Watch4Whit seemed to better exemplify the change. Please note that even the web address has changed to (which I hope to someday purchase as a domain). I’m really excited about this change and what I’ll be doing with this blog in the future!

I’ll also quickly note that I will be a consistent guest author on my boyfriend’s blog as well. You can find it here. We are both pursuing the habit of blogging every day and he’s a lot better at being consistent than I am. And he writes a lot of good stuff too so you should check it out.

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to share!

Keep watchin’!