a look inside the life of Whitney

W[h]it & Wisdom

Congratulations! You have just become a victim of this catchy and curiosity-inspiring page title! I don’t blame you; you’re not the first. After all, the idea is for you to read this, right? But don’t worry. I’ll try to keep this short and interesting.

So, you might be wondering, “Is she just a terrible speller?” or “Did she really mean for it to read as “God ate me?”

The answer is, yes. Yes, I did.

AIT is an acronym that means Around-In-Through. It was once one of the considerations for the name of this blog. But the original idea for this blog was very simple and straightforward—to easily share about my first overseas mission trip with all my friends and family. So I thought a simple, catchier blog name would be better suited. “Traveling” because it was about taking a trip, and “Whit” because it alludes to my name (though I won’t tell you how).  But what would happen to the blog after that one trip was over?

God wanted it to be something more.

Let me interrupt for a moment to clearly state that, yes, I am a Christian. I believe in the one and only God who sent His son, Jesus Christ as atonement for ours sins. He died on the cross and rose again and is the only gate by which we may have salvation and enter into eternal life.

So, God showed me that this blog would give me an opportunity not only to share about my travels across the globe, but also share about my spiritual journeys with God and how He is working Around me, In me, and Through me. Tada! We now have the origin of “God AIT me” (or sometimes referred to as an “A-I-T” moment).  God is real and personal. He constantly works Around me in many ways, works In me to bring me into a closer relationship with Him, and works Through me to accomplish His will and to be an example of His love to others.

And it is these beliefs that fuel this entire blog. In the Old Testament, God is described as a “consuming fire” (Deut 4:24). When you let Him in, when you come to understand just how real, personal, powerful, and loving He is, it will consume you! But in a good way! God hungers for you and seeks you in love (1 John 4:19). And that makes me hunger for Him. I want to be consumed by God, devoted to Him, and filled with His Holy Spirit. I want to hunger for God as he hungers for me. And who doesn’t like to eat?

So that is the story behind this page, and will direct the future continuation of this blog. God AIT me, and will do so every day of my life.  And I hope to use this blog in the future as a testimony to that.


Tell me what you think :)

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