a look inside the life of Whitney


…it all started with a Mini Cooper

whitpen profileOk, it started earlier than that. But I’ll give you a brief history. I once considered Graphic Design as a career path. However, I wasn’t sure I’d like being stuck behind a computer all the time. Low and behold, in Interior Design I’m still at a computer 90% of the time, so I might as well make the most of it.

When I upgraded to a Macbook after college, and having had one class in Graphic Design, I loved to dabble with the programs that made the ideas in my mind come to life. I was soon putting the little things that I learned through experimentation to use at both my full time job, and voluntarily for friends and family. I was doing flyers, marketing material, logo designs, t-shirts, and even a wedding invitation! So many times I was told I should start a business and sell my designs. It wasn’t until my boyfriend came along that I really started taking it seriously.

And then I bought a Mini Cooper…

I named it Charlie and playfully would pretend I was cheating on my boyfriend with my car. So when Valentines Day came around, I made a card…(see it here)

When my boyfriend didn’t realize it was handmade, I realized this was the product to launch a shop. I knew that people like me who own Mini Coopers, tend to like Mini Cooper related things. I had a niche, and it has launched a series of Mini Cooper related items that now sit in my shop. But among them all, my first card has been the most popular. You’ll even find it on the first page if you search Etsy for Mini Cooper.

While I will eventually branch off from the Mini Cooper inspiration and expand into other products, it has been a good place to start. I hope to grow my business more and more so I can make it a full-time job. If i’m going to be tied to a computer for the rest of my life, at least I’ll make it possible to not be tied to an office. šŸ™‚

Please stop by my Facebook Page and Etsy Shop and check it out! You might find something you like, and I am open for commissions! I’m a fairly inexpensive option right now because I need experience….so keep that in mind šŸ˜€


Tell me what you think :)

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