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The need for a kick in the pants: reaction to government shut down

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Ok so there is obviously a lot of opinions about the government shut down. I had a few thoughts on the matter to share.

1. I believe too many people rely on the government for income, and I refer to those who hardly work for it in return. Now that it’s been cut off, a lot of people will get a “kick in the pants” because they are forced to work support themselves and their families

2. On the other side of that, a lot of good honest working people are not able to work, their paycheck is cut off, and there is no guarantee that they will be compensated for however long it takes for the idiots in Washington to get their act together.

3. I think we need to give Congress and Obama and good “kick in the pants” for this idiocy. ESPECIALLY when they are still paying themselves their normal paychecks while penalizing the real workers in the government that actually keep the doors open. I am appalled by our government.

Those are my thoughts. Let your comments be made and heard!

And keep watchin’


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

One thought on “The need for a kick in the pants: reaction to government shut down

  1. You are SO smart, to be SO young! Love you, G P

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