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I’d rather be injured than sick…

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It’s true. If I must stay off my feet all day because I went and bruised my ankle, it’s better than feeling like crap with a stomach bug or the flu (which happened the last time I was restricted to the couch).

After all, the plus side is having my boyfriend take care of me. I have an excuse to be lazy. But I also don’t like feeling helpless.

Oh yeah, you’re probably wondering how I went and injured myself. Well, Rob and I were goofing around. He was trying to get ahold of me and tickle me, and I tried to get away by climbing over the back of my couch. I slipped, hit my chin on the back of the couch, and my ankle on the coffee table.

A word of wisdom: don’t horseplay in small apartments.

It definitely hurt, and swelled a little. I hit the bone so I’m sure I bruised it pretty hard. But that wasn’t going to stop me from walking around for Boomsday. I wasn’t going to miss that. Given that it hurt after walking on it for a while though, my boyfriend restricted me to the couch the next day for healing…

I don’t sit still.

Honestly though, it’s still better than being sick, and there’s certainly no need for a trip to the doctor. There’s a lot of positives to this situation. Besides, we planned to be here all day and work on the online business, so I was going to be sitting on my butt most the day anyways.

It’s all about attitude, and finding the bright side. And the bright side was getting to relax on my couch all day. Not only that, but instead of laying around doing nothing, I put my time to use and worked 🙂

On a holiday…

So…Happy Labor Day!

Keep watchin!


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