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Boomsday in Knoxville!


I’ve lived near Knoxville for almost 3 years now. Yet this is the first year I finally went to this event. Apparently it’s the biggest labor day fireworks show in the country. But the only reason I really wanted to go was because this fireworks show is on the river. And I love being by the water. Plus, with the long weekend, Rob & I wanted to spend some time together and go on a date. It became an all day date, which we haven’t had in ages, and was simply wonderful 🙂

But we didn’t just go to the fireworks show. This of course had somewhat of a festival attached to it, with an entire road shut down all afternoon to house food vendors and booths with crap toys that kids whine for. I wanted to go to this part too, though I had hoped that there was going to be some artist’s booths since Knoxville can be rather artsy. To my disappointment, there were none, though my pocket book rejoiced. We arrived long before the fireworks show, around 2:30 actually, and were already somewhat bored by 4. So we walked to a movie theatre and saw The Butler. That was the best choice for the day. It killed time and gave us a place to be while an afternoon storm rolled through. Perfect.

We went back to the strip, got some food, then planted ourselves up the hill to watch the show, making for a spectacular way to end the day. I’ve posted the pictures on Flickr, so click on that link up on the right there.


Keep watchin!


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

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2 thoughts on “Boomsday in Knoxville!

  1. We love being on the water too. That is why we bought our house in Florida on the Caloosahatche river. We ride our golf cart down most evenings, with all the other old fogies & watch the sun set!!!

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