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Day 8: Oh what a full schedule! :)


In one word, exhausted! But certainly in a good way. It no longer has to do with jet lag, I am simply worn out from all the things that are being crammed into my schedule. It is no longer just teach, eat, and sleep, with a little jaunt outside now and then. As the week has progressed, students invite us to see things, to hang out, and I love it!

Well, as I mentioned, I spent my evening last night going to the movies with a group of teenagers. I was the oldest one there, but it didn’t matter. Honestly I don’t think many of them knew just how I was since I still look like a college student. Anyways, two of them were students of mine and another teacher, and they were so extremely hospitable. My student bought my ticket (she got two for the price of one, but still) and bought me a few snacks for the movie as well! As for the movie, yeah….definitely not my kind of movie. It was very intense and of course the zombie’s freaked me out. Let’s just say I did not sleep well last night. Oh, fun discovery at the theatre though. The theatre was in a mall, and when we went back downstairs to the parking garage, we went down a moving ramp! It was like an escalator, but a ramp instead of stairs! It was so weird! Haha. They have them because there is also a grocery store in the mall, which is not uncommon here.

So today, my students are progressing well I think, and I even had an interesting conversation with one of them about why Adam and Eve felt shame about being naked after eating the fruit when they were with each other in the garden. It really made me think and I hope to talk to him a little more about it tomorrow. He didn’t understand why it specifically referred to the shame of being naked when he thought that a husband and wife should not be ashamed to be naked with each other, and even with God because He sees us as we are anyways. We came to the hypothesis that maybe the writer of Genesis used it as a visual and easily understood representation of what it felt like for Adam and Eve when they changed after sinning. In talking to my other teachers, I realize a better answer would have been to make the point that they felt exposed. Before, Adam and Eve were like children. They may have made mistakes but didn’t know any better. But when they sinned, and understood they had done something wrong, they felt exposed I think both physically and spiritually. I hope my student might want to talk about it a little more tomorrow and maybe we will get into a deeper discussion.That was probably the most challenging question I’ve had so far. Most of my students seem to understand and agree to some level about the stories they are reading and do not really ask any questions. So it was definitely nice to be challenged today.

This afternoon, my and my 4’oclock student who is quickly becoming a good friend, went for a walk at 3 so we could spend more time together. We just walked down to the walking street and back, and talked the entire time, taking a few pictures together along the way. Her English is not quite as good as some of my other students, so sometimes it takes a little while to understand each other, but in the end we get there somehow or save it for later. But we had such a good time and she bought me ice cream along the way. We shouldn’t have walked so far though because I didn’t realize just how bad her leg condition is. I can’t really explain it, but please pray for her. She will be having surgery again sometime in July and hopefully that will allow her to be able to walk and be active again. She’s an athlete so it is absolute misery not to be able to even walk for 30 minutes. Still, she said she was ok and had a great time and I can’t wait to go shopping with her next week! She has a vest jacket that I absolutely love so we are going to go try and find me one 🙂

Not only that, but another one of my students and her boyfriend’s mother gave me this beautifully sculpted candle and are apparently bringing me their farm raised honey for me to try tomorrow as well. And I already have plans to go out with two other students next week too! I’m so amazed, excited, and flattered that they want to hang out outside of class and show me around. It’s the best! I mean, the teaching is great, but the relationships mean so much more, and that’s what’s most important in the long run anyways. That’s what God is all about and He is blessing me left and right–every waking minute!

I can’t believe that the first week is almost over already. It feels like I’ve been here so much longer, and yet not long at all, and I am already getting a little sad that I have such little time left. I wish I could be here the whole month and I hope my students have a good experience with their next teacher. Either way, I’m not going to think about the short amount of time and focus on enjoying every moment as much as I can!

Please pray for my students and thank you so much for all your prayers!

PS. If you want to see pictures of me and my friends, please go through facebook for the guest pass. I have made some of them private to protect myself and those with me. So if you aren’t friends with me on Facebook, email me for a pass.



Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

3 thoughts on “Day 8: Oh what a full schedule! :)

  1. Sounds like such a rewarding experience. Praying for you and your students.

  2. Hi sweet pea. Wow! did I enjoy hearing what a wonderful time you are having. You are a natural leader, and your students are so lucky to have you for a teacher. Sounds like they all know that, and are trying to show their appreciation for your hard work. Don’t think about it being over soon, it will make you sad, and rob you of your joy. Keep up the good work for God, and he will continue to shower you with more blessings. We love and miss you. G. P.

  3. You are so blessed & your students are blessed to have gotten to know you & know how special you are. The Lord is definitely working through you in this short time you have to be with your new friends. You are right, just focus on the time you have with them & not on the time you do not have. Your light is shining brightly as always!!! Love & prayers, G.

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