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Day 7: Movie night


Today will be a short post because tonight I am going out with a group of teenagers and another teacher from here to a movie. So I will be back somewhat late and will be wanting to go straight to bed.

And since it is the afternoon, I haven’t met with all of my students yet today. Still I’ll share a few things that happened and if something else comes up today, I will write about it tomorrow.

My students and I are now getting into a bit of a routine, depending on who it is. But for most of them, I will have them read the Bible story to me after we go over the grammar, then we will talk some about it if they want, or we just talk about other things. One of my students today came to me saying he did not do the homework. So tonight he will have to do two lessons. He had an interesting perspective on what exactly the “rib” that God took from Adam to form Eve actually was. He thinks it is possible that the writer used the word “rib” but that God may have actually used a different part, or some form of DNA from Adam. We both agreed it wasn’t really important, but it was still a different perspective that made for conversation.

My students are really good at English. Their reading skills are excellent, but then they struggle with trying to explain what they are wanting to say in a conversation. Still, it’s only been a few days and we usually get to a point of understanding each other.

This afternoon we walked to a few hobby shops in the city. Vasile found out that I liked feathers and making things so it was fun to see those shops. I bought a couple of pheasant feathers that I might wear in my hair sometimes :). As we were walking back we passed this old Jewish synagogue that is not in very good shape. One of the attendants there happened to be outside so Vasile asked if we could see it real quick. Fortunately, he said yes and we received a small tour of the place. The inside was beautiful, despite it’s state of disrepair and we were told that it will be renovated within the next year or so.

Anyways, tonight is of course 3 more students, then the movie right after. We are going to see World War Z. I don’t think I’m going to like the movie much, but I’m going to be social and take every opportunity to experience Romania. And here, all the movies are in English with Romanian subtitles, so I will have no problem watching. In fact, a lot of the Romanians pick of English from watching movies.

Enjoy your day!  La revedere!


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Movie night

  1. Good morning; So good to hear from you before I go to work today.Sounds like a wonderful day you have planed. I to am not sure that movie is your style, but it will give you something else to use to interact with your students. You are AWESOME! L Y. G P

  2. GM, so good to hear from u so early. Once again, u have made my day!!! Enjoy your evening with the teens at the movie. Love & prayers as always!!!

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