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Day 6: Some Fun and Some History


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It certainly felt more like a teaching job today. Now that they had completed the first homework assignment, I spent the time with each student checking their answers and having them read to me. Each student is different of course and I adjusted to how each might learn better. It will take some time to moderate how we go over the lessons each day to make sure they are understanding and improving. But so far I have really enjoyed it.

I love hearing a Romanian accent with English words. It sounds so much more pleasant. It’s funny, though, how some words end up being pronounced as they read. With Romanian, words are spoken exactly as they are spelled. But we all know that English is not like that. So when they pronounce English words, they tend to mispronounce certain words. For an example I will use the word “learned.” Where we would say “learn-d,” they would say “lear-ned,” pronounced the “e” in the “ed.” Also they have a hard time pronouncing the “th” in words. It often comes out as a soft “d” sound. Even though I have to correct them, I still love hearing how they pronounce it. 🙂

I also got to meet my 6th student today, who was a wonderful woman. We shared in a lot of laughter as we got to know each other, so I really enjoyed her company. She is in the advanced course, so I expect we will have a lot more conversation than much focus on grammar. All in all, I love all of my students. They are all fairly easy to engage in conversation and seem relaxed around me. And I am very relieved that I have such nice and friendly students. I am much more relaxed about the rest and excited about the rest of the two weeks I’m here working with them.

And what I’m really excited about is that I know I will have at least one Romanian friend by the time I have to go home. We are becoming fast friends already. She is close to my age and we just made a connection right away, ironically over our “charade-like” gestures that we sometimes use to understand certain words. I actually keep a blank piece of paper on my desk just for her so we can both draw if words fail us. She is so sweet and fun to talk to that language isn’t really an issue. We’ve already exchanged emails so I know we will keep in touch far beyond these two weeks.

On our lunch break today, the secretary here (she is Romanian but has spent time in Canada and is fluent in English. also about my age), showed us around the town centre, the nearby park, the Romanian fort, and the market. The fort has been there since the 1600s and was meant to serve as a safe haven from, I think, the Turkish wars. From what I understand, it was never actually used. It is quite small, but at the time would have held the entire city’s residents. Unfortunately we could not go inside, but we walked around the outside of it where they have constructed a historical park. If you see my pictures, you’ll notice I took a lot of the signs in the park. Those are for my boyfriend because he enjoys history. I really missed him today as we walked around because I knew how much he would have enjoyed it. But, we would have spent A LOT more time there because he HAS to read EVERY sign. 🙂

The park was also really nice. It was big for a city park and reminded me a little of Harding’s campus. There were lots of trees and sidewalks, a community center at one end, a playground, and even complete with couples walking around holding hand, and one in particular making out. Ha! We ended our little afternoon jaunt at the outdoor market where there was TONS fresh food. We stopped at a little booth though that had traditional handmade items and two of the teachers found themselves something to buy. I’m not ready to purchase souvenirs yet. I am saving some of my money for Budapest.

With the threat of rain, we quickly made our way back to the church. Did I mention it was actually chilly today? Yeah! We all had to wear jackets! But it was so nice, especially after how hot it was the first few days.

Anyways, that was all the exciting news of today. Be sure to click on the link/picture at the top left to see the pictures I recently posted from this afternoon! Thanks!

P.S. Please pray for my students as well as me. As I get to know them, I have learned a few things that I will definitely be praying about which I’m not going to share at this time. But please be praying for them.


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4 thoughts on “Day 6: Some Fun and Some History

  1. Sorry I haven’t posted on your last two blog posts haven’t felt well. You make a Mom so proud I just tear up reading your words. I know you think that is silly but you will understand someday when you are a Mother. Love you! Keep up the good work!

  2. You and your students certainly have our prayers. So thankful you’re sharing this special time with us. Love and prayers, Jan

  3. Enjoyed your post as usual. I know someone else who would have enjoyed the history part of the tour also!! Will be praying for you & your students over the next two weeks. Enjoy your next day of adventurous teaching & learning!!! Ly

  4. Way to go! I have to disagree with one statement though. You will have at least 6 new friends, and probably more than that. I knew you would be a great teacher, as you do God’s work. Tell your students Grandpa said Hay! Just like Gomer. Love you.

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