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Take a tour of the church!


I have a special treat! I took a quick video tour of the place I am staying so you could all see what it’s like. I might even do video posts from time to time to share things more quickly. We shall see!

Anyways, enjoy!


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

2 thoughts on “Take a tour of the church!

  1. Good morning sweetheart, thanks so much for the tour. I really enjoyed seeing where you are staying, and where you will be teaching. The best part though, I got to see YOU. I do feel better now, but still a little concerned about high finces, and walls, but that’s just me I gues. Please keep posting videos, it’s great. Love you, proud of you. G P

  2. Thank you so much for the tour of where u r staying. I am so relieved to know u r in such a safe place with all the creature comforts!!! It was so good to see u & hear your voice. This has given me a boost for my Sunday worship. Love you so much!!

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