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Day 4: Sunday Sunday Sunday!


Current Time- 11:02pm

Domnezeu este mare!-God is great!

Well, I thought I was over jet-lag, but alas, today I dealt with a perpetual groggy feeling. It’s a good thing they have coffee here. 🙂

So it’s Sunday, and oh man did I have a long way to walk to church! I mean, all the way downstairs!! So far! It was neat to sit in on a Romanian service, though it wasn’t much different from a service I’ve been too. After all, this is a Church of Christ. But, it was fun to hear the Romanian language and even sing a few songs in Romanian.  And when someone was speaking, we often had one of the members sit nearby and translate for us. It was a neat experience, but I will look forward to next Sunday when I am more awake and there will also be a potluck!

What was also neat about having the other church members there was meeting other Romanians. Some of the older members couldn’t speak English, but we were at least able to introduce ourselves, and of course a lot of the members that could speak English would act as translators. Sadly, I was so tired it was hard to get myself to interact much. And I was very hungry. I know, shame on me for letting food and sleepiness get in the way.

After church, a group of us went back to the walking street to get Shawarmas. There these burrito type things where all the contents are wrapped up in something like pita bread, and the food inside contained things like rotisserie pork, french fries, ketchup, pickles, lettuce, and all sorts of things. The meat was really dry but it was still good and definitely hit the spot for my growling belly.

Not much else out of the ordinary happened today. I took a little nap like many of the other teachers, and we had a short orientation to prepare us for starting English classes tomorrow. We received a short survey that gave us information about each of our students so we would have something to talk to them about. Tomorrow is an introduction. We will get to know them a little and tell them what the course is, what we expect, and how each day will go. I have 6 students. Three in the morning and three in the evening. Going through the orientation made me a little nervous, but now I’m excited again because we are finally getting to the real reason for being here. I look forward to meeting my students, helping them with their English, and most importantly, talking to them about God. I am hoping that while I am teaching them, they will be willing to give me a few Romanian words to learn too. I’ve at least memorized how to say thank you. I’ve also taken to getting on google translate to get a few words. I hope to at least know a few words and phrases by the time I leave, and may even purchase a Romanian Bible.

And finally, I went out with the preacher and his family to the grocery store, just to get out. That was fun because I was the only one from our group who went. It was nice to experience a shopping trip with Romanians. And their 1 year old is so super cute. I hope to get a picture of the three of them sometime.

Fun fact: Plastic coca-cola bottles here have common Romanian names on the labels. So you might see one that says Anca, Bogdon, or Robert :). I don’t know why but it’s kind of neat. I guess it’s so you feel like you are getting something personal if you find your name.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow the real fun begins and I hope to have lots to share about my students. For now, I should really get to bed!

Noapte buna! (ps. I looked this up, tried to read it correctly, and when i listened to it, I was right!! Score! It’s pronounced, “no-ah-pteh boo-nah” and means goodnight).


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

2 thoughts on “Day 4: Sunday Sunday Sunday!

  1. Sleep tight. When we got to church today everyone was asking about you and we got to show your video tour of the church there. So glad you did that. Love you and your Dad and I are very proud of the Christian woman your are.

  2. Who would have thought! Our Roo Kid teaching young people about the Almighty God, half way around the world. Why am I not surprised. We are so proud of you. G. P.

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