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Day 3: No Jet Lag Here!


Current time-11:25pm

Yeah I’m up a little later than I planned to be. I haven’t quite figured out when I plan to dump photos and when I will blog about my experiences. Today I did them both this evening which took way too long! But go see my photos on Flickr!

I slept in until 9 which was fantastic! I still felt groggy, but after a little while that wore off and I have otherwise not experienced any jet lag that I know of, unless being hungry every two hours means something.

The food I bought from the grocery store.

The food I bought from the grocery store.

Today was very relaxing. Took my time waking up and getting around, and we soon all decided that we needed to go exchange our American dollars for Romanian Lei so we could go to the store and buy ourselves some food. See, during the week, we will get catered lunches, but we are on our own for breakfast and dinner. But, there is a fridge here and a little kitchen so we can store and cook our own food to save money. Shopping at the grocery store was a fun experience. It was a lot easier with Tom there, who speaks Romanian. I haven’t really had to worry about knowing the language here yet because I’ve always had someone around who speaks both languages. So he helped us find things, but I did enjoy going off and looking around on my own a little. I couldn’t read much, though some words I recognize because they look like English or French words. Still, pictures are very useful and I grabbed a few things I thought I might like. All in all it was a lot of fun and I have enjoyed what I’ve gotten for myself so far.

When we returned, and Romanian teenager had come to visit another person here, so we spent some time with him playing cards, talking, and even singing a little. We walked around some more after that, and even went to a little shopping mall. What was interesting about that mall was that it was in an old building, and very view “shops” were cordoned off by walls. Every floor was basically open, with different sections/stores in different areas of the floor. It was really neat and different. I didn’t buy anything, I just looked around. I’m saving my spending money for when we visit Budapest next weekend. 🙂

This evening, we went out to eat at a restaurant nearby. It had really good food! I ate something similar to a cordon bleu, but with pork instead of chicken. And I loved this orange soda drink called Miranda. Plus, some well seasoned fries made for a great meal! And I spent the equivalent of $10 for the whole thing. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

Oh! It rained today which was really nice because it cooled things off. It’s been about 95 here so far. I spent most of my evening after dinner out on the porch chatting with the other teachers and listening to the thunder and rain 🙂 Fantastic way to end the evening!

It’s been a good first few days. I’m starting to get excited about teaching and I look forward to meeting more Romanians here tomorrow at the church service! Woo!

Special shout out to those who have commented with love and support! Thanks family!

Oh! Fun fact I learned about Romanians today. A lot of them believe that wind, especially unnatural kind like from a fan, is the cause for many ailments. For example, if someone were to wake up with a bad back, they would say that they must have left a window open and a cold breeze had hit their back and caused pain. Wow! I thought that was really odd and interesting!

Anyways, goodnight everyone!


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

4 thoughts on “Day 3: No Jet Lag Here!

  1. You sound great! Looking forward to more news and interesting facts.

  2. I thought maybe you ought to get “Mini Charlie” a Romania bumper sticker since he went with you. You could take a picture of one and we can make one when you get home. Just a thought.

  3. Sleep tight my sweet girl . Love you!

  4. Night sweetie, so happy u r having a great time. We love you & r so proud of u!!!!

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