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Day 1 & 2: Arriving in Romania

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Now that I’ve gotten a decent amount of sleep, I can finally take a little time to write about a few things that happened on my trip over here.

It took 3 planes and a bus to get here. The first flight from my home to D.C. was short but highly enjoyable. I love seeing the smokey mountains from the air and got that little one-seater row as my seat. I spent most of the time jamming out to two of my favorite songs right now (“Radioactive”-a cover by Pentatonix feat. Linsey Stirling, and “Berlin” by the Piano Guys) and writing about how I was finally antsy with excitement now that I was finally traveling. Since it was an American flight that landed in an American airport, there wasn’t much in new experiences.

Upon arriving in DC, we head straight for our next gate. We only had about an hour and a half layover and I found out that for big flights like that, you start boarding an hour early. So it wasn’t long before we were already getting on that “size of a football field” type plane. I’ve only been on a big plane like that once before, and it was a long time ago.

I made my way to the very back of this huge plane where my seat was, and found my seat was…in the very middle. I have to say I was a little disappointed. I didn’t get to watch outside much through a window and I had to ask someone to move if I had to get up. BUT God did something amazing for me anyways. As I’m checking out the screen on the back of the seat in front of me and all the cool movies, I notice the guy about to sit on my left had a keyboard he was trying to store somewhere aboard. I decided to be friendly and ask him about it. When he answered, he had a European accent, so I asked where he was from–Romania! Not only that, but a musician and he was very pleasant to talk to. We didn’t talk a lot during the trip because it was 8.5 hours long, but he was very nice. I didn’t sleep much, maybe an hour, and ended up watching three movies. I thought I would be constructive and get some things done like reading, or something, but once I watched one movie, I was too lethargic to do much else. My favorite things about that flight were meeting a Romanian, watching movies, decent plane food, and watching our flight route on the screen. I did manage to get a peak at the ocean as the sun was rising, so I at least got to see that much.

Finally, we landed in Munich-Germany, stiff and tired from the long flight. Luckily, our next gate was not far so I had time to look around the airport a little bit. This by far was my favorite airport so far! It was very modern in design and had some awesome features like a relax/lounge area that had reclined chairs, sofas, and even little rooms to sleep in that you could purchase with a credit card. There was even carpet! Also, there was this little museum of sorts that had a few things about time and different machines that measured time. It caught my attention because the walls and lights inside were all blue. I also went after a cup of coffee, which was a bad idea in the end. If you think Starbucks is expensive, then never buy coffee in a European airport that uses Euros. Don’t get me wrong, it was exciting to receive Euros back in exchange for my American money, but realizing that was the most expensive cup of coffee I’ve ever bought, was not as exciting. After returning to my gate, my Romanian friend was there waiting to find out where his gate was so we chatted a little more before I had to get on my plane. He gave me his youtube channel so I could check out his music, and also some foods and drinks I should try while I’m in Romanian. Click here to hear one of his songs on youtube.

My last flight was by far my favorite! I was so tired by then, but I managed to get two seats to myself and a window! So I couldn’t sleep knowing I’d get to watch the landscape of the world go by, even if it was a short flight. After all, I was in a whole other part of the world now! How could I not watch?

When we arrived, it was another 2.5hours on a wicked old bus that Tom drove to get us to our final destination. By this time, only excitement and the fear of being hit by European drivers that was keeping me awake. I did manage a few cat naps and took some pictures along the way. We got to the church around 3:30pm local time and were shown to our rooms by the preacher and told few things about staying in the rooms above the church. The rest of the day was kind of a blur since jet lag was really setting in by then. A few of the local members came by, and with the preacher, made a delicious salad for us to eat, along with sandwiches. Then my group went for a little walk to a shopping/eating strip nearby before finally coming back, showering, and going to bed.

I managed to post pictures last night but was too tired to do much else. All in all though, it was a great trip over here. The flight from DC to Munich was long, and I never could get comfortable enough to sleep, but smooth sailing either way. I loved driving through Romania too because I got to see a lot of the landscape and villages here. So go check out the pictures I put up from every part of my journey here yesterday! For now, its time to go eat some breakfast and spend my first full day in Romania!



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One thought on “Day 1 & 2: Arriving in Romania

  1. Your blog is great! I know they are loving you there. Love and prayers, Jan

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