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3 Days to Go!

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Well two days practically, given the lateness of the hour.

Time has flown by this past week! I spent most of my weekend doing little things here and there to get ready, while mostly relaxing and having fun with people to help shake off the nerves. I got so antsy over the weekend that I broke out the sewing machine. I was going to attempt to make a simple skirt for myself to wear overseas, but miscalculated and didn’t get enough fabric. Well, I still made the skirt, but its way too small for me. My co-worker’s little girl will be thrilled though :). At least I got a few cool scarves out of some of the fabric.

I realized though that my desire to make something, to be crafty, was coming from a steadily building sense of nervousness and excitement. I was simply trying to keep myself busy so I didn’t have to think about it. Well that would have driven me crazy if I hadn’t had other, more social events planned into my weekend. And I am very thankful for the time I spent with my friends, church family, and boyfriend because it was a huge stress reliever, even if it meant a very late night and a very tired way to start the week. I’m not sure how I’m even awake right now. But that’s alright. I’m practicing for the effects of jet lag.

All my preparations seem to have payed off. I started packing tonight and am very proud at how I minimized what I wanted to take and what I need to take. My boyfriend has had a lot of experience traveling, especially overseas, and he helped me with this process a lot. He’s quite wonderful :). And he let me borrow those awesome space saving bags which means lots of space to bring back souvenirs!

Basically, I feel ahead of the game. I’m already half-way packed and not much left to do before I leave! There’s no stopping me now!

Thank you to everyone for the hugs and support this past weekend, and thank you also to everyone who continues to pray for me. Can’t wait to finally begin this trip and share all the wonderful things that will happen!



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