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Whether the Weather is Good or Bad

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I love weather, especially storms. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, blizzards, ice, hurricanes, you name it. They fascinate me, despite their deadly power. I can’t help but want to watch, pushing the limits of when I can safely do so, and when I probably should be taking cover. But how can I miss such an awesome display of power? So when I thunderstorm rolls in and I happen to be home, I plop myself on the couch or drag a chair to the window to watch like I’ve just been given the best seat in the house on opening night. Break out the popcorn! In fact, on April 27, 2011 when the mideast was ravaged with a record number of tornadoes, I watched my car get pummeled to death by golfball size hail from the portico of my apartment complex. I was so enthralled and amazed by the sight that I didn’t even consider the damage it was causing.

But I also love the quieter moments of weather as well, like yesterday when I decided to drive to a nearby park for my walk instead of my usual route outside my apartment. It had rained earlier that day, and the cloudiness still hung around, sprinkling light showers throughout the evening. I got caught in one of those light sprinklings and it made my walk that much better! Best one yet since I started this routine. Rain seems to make colors come alive, and even more so, the smells!

It’s times like these, whether its watching the raging torrents of a storm or enjoying the quieter, more subtle aspects of weather like a light rain or a summer breeze, that I tend to reflect on how simply amazing it all is. And how much more amazing is the God who created it all. Science may be able to explain how things happen the way they do, pressure systems, air currents, changes in temperature, but that no less takes away from the wonder of it, nor can it take away from the sheer amazing existence of it!

Isn’t it amazing that weather even exists!? It changes so frequently, and does so many different things! And in those moments when I am enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face or the brisk morning breeze of a fall day, more often than not my thoughts turn to God and his power, character, and creativity. Every aspect of weather is a billboard shouting the awesomeness of God! So tonight I’ll sit back and watch the clouds roll by. They may not bring the storm predicted, but I still get to see God painting beautiful hues in the sky as the sun sets. πŸ™‚


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

One thought on “Whether the Weather is Good or Bad

  1. Maybe I should have been a storm chaser. Possibly considering it if I hit a mid-life crisis πŸ˜›

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