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Lessons from the Pavement #2: Slow Down

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I wrote a tweet yesterday that I called “Lessons from the Pavement,” sharing a quick inspiration thought that had occurred to me while out on my walk. If you don’t have twitter, my twitter feed is on my blog page, so all you email subscribers should go check it out sometime or find me on Twitter (@watch4whit). Since I had another revelation today, I decided that this “Lessons from the Pavement” will now be a segment on my blog that relates to any revelations or inspirations I might come across while out on the road.

Anyways, today I wanted to take it a little easier since I pushed myself, maybe too far, yesterday. I had to ice a leg for a little while so I thought it would be best to keep my pace to a fast walk today. So there I was, power-walking like an woman in her 50s that paces the mall (no offense, I admire those women), and it occurred to me that jogging for some of my route might actually be counter-productive to my goal. After all, I’m not training for a marathon, I’m just trying to get used to A LOT of walking that will be occurring in the near future. And I realized that I felt it was necessary to jog some because 1) I thought it was a good way to push myself and 2) because I would get done with my route faster.

I was wanting to move faster, get back home and get other things done, and keep going, going, going. But the problem with running is that it doesn’t work the same muscles as walking does. I’m not going to be jogging a lot, or much at all. I’m going to be WALKING A LOT. I had lost sight of the original goal. And you know what? Walking a steady quick pace the entire time actually felt harder than interval training. My legs were burning more today than yesterday and different parts of my legs wereJourney Most Valuable being worked. It amazed me that slowing down was actually harder than going faster!

So the lesson is this: sometimes it is harder to walk than to run. It is harder to slow down, have patience, and focus.  When your mindset is “faster, faster, faster,” you will become faster, yes, but at what cost? What details will you miss? What areas get neglected? Goals are fantastic to have; everyone needs them! But the quicker you try to speed up the process in reaching a goal, the more likely you are to miss the important parts along the way. At the end of the day, it is not the achievement of the goal, but the journey it took to get there that is most valuable. It is the journey that changes you, challenges you, and grows you. It is the process that will stay with you beyond the reward of your goal and carry into reaching the next.

So don’t always get in a hurry to reach the goal. Enjoy the journey, and make sure you are growing constantly and in every way possible in the process.


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

One thought on “Lessons from the Pavement #2: Slow Down

  1. PS. I’m getting some weird tan lines from all this time outside!

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