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Preparations Begin

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I am now 3 weeks and 3 days from getting on a plane to Romania and its really starting to set it just how close and how quickly my trip is approaching. Am I nervous? Yes definitely. Excited? Absolutely!

So, given that I tend to be a procrastinator, I’m finally getting things done in order to prepare for my trip.

Step 1: Have a meeting with coordinator and team members. Check.

Step 2: Send out thank you cards to all of those who have financially supported my trip. Working on that…

Step 3: Read over, study and prepare teaching material for the trip. Ongoing

Step 4: Credit Card for emergencies. Check.

Step 5: Pack. Please, I don’t need to do this until the weekend before.

And so many other things in between. Where did the time go? I also considered squeezing in a trip to Indiana to visit friends and family, but it was recommended to wait until after my trip. As I thought about it, this made more sense. I’ll have loads more to talk about and fun pictures to share and souvenirs to hand out.

As my trip approaches, I’m really going to try and start posting more to get in the habit. After all, I plan to post every day while I’m there.

But for now, I ask for prayers. Please pray that God continues to work on me and prepare me for this trip. Also that these little health issues will disappear or not affect my ability to go.

Thank you all for your support again! Looking forward to sharing this experience with everyone!


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