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Personal Apartment Improvements: Bedroom

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Another sketch dump today. After exploring the ideas I had for a nightstand design, I started to get into the bigger picture of redesigning one side of my bedroom. See, I like the bed side of my room, its very put together, but the opposite wall is what I look at all the time when I’m in there, and it needs some help.

So yesterday I spent a lot of time playing with some ideas. Below are some quick sketches for the wall.

The last one on the top right is the one that grabbed my attention the most and I had to get it into a 3D form so I could see how it would work in the space. The result is what you see below. I didn’t add a lot of details because it’s not the best 3D program in the world. The nice thing about this design though is that it would be fairly simple to build. The cube shelf and filing cabinet in the corner I already have and set the mounting height for the surfaces. And though I do not own the low dresser in the corner yet, I have two bookcases that will fit there in its place while I save up for the dresser. And with the large amount of surface, I can use part of it for a vanity, part of it for deskwork, and part of it for storage. I’d love to add tall clear vases in the corners and maybe tack up some little LED lights underneath the soffit above to accent the whole area.

And like I mentioned, it would be very simple to construct. Support for the surfaces would vary between weather it rests on a cabinet, uses end panel legs, or wall shelf brackets. All together it comes to 6 pieces of wood and some shelf brackets. If I actually get this all constructed and put together in my actual bedroom, I will definitely be posting all the details about it.

Its been raining for the past 3 days off and on. A nice change from the hot sticky weather of the south, but I’m hoping all this rain will bring some cooler weather. May not post again until Monday. It’s going to be another busy weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

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