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Explorer Style

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Welcome September!!

So, you know what I hate? I hate it when my program suddenly freezes and I lose all my text. I don’t take hours planning out these posts. I write exactly as I’m thinking about it. So it really ticks me off when I lose my work because I love the “on the fly writing” and starting over means it’s not going to be the same as before. Just hope it ends up better.

Anyways, as I was pondering all the travels I’ve had this summer, I was suddenly reminded of a style that I’ve seen cropping up more often, especially in the high-end stores. Thank to either Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel, I have a name for this style now: Explorer. Now, while those two stores have some décor that I would classify under this style, I think Restoration Hardware is ahead of the game on having everything you need to make your room look like the office of Indiana Jones.

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Above, you’ll see some scrolling pictures from Restoration Hardware’s website that I think best represent this Explorer style. Here are a few common things you’ll find in this style: Tripod floor lamps with telescope type heads, bird cages, bookshelves full of books or books laying around on various tables, trunks, leather seating, some sort of globe or compass representation (such as over lapping rings in a sphere formation around a light and possible with an arrow through it), classic molding and trim, neutral colors, lanterns, old looking photos or drawings or maps, and a bunch of other accessories that relate to old-fashioned exploration and travel.

At first I wasn’t all that interested in this style, but I have to say it’s grown on me. I think I would really like to have this style in a library. I know, real original idea there to apply this style to a library. But there’s always something very appealing about having a historic aspect to a room style. And there’s a sophistication aspect of this style that appeals to me. I could see myself getting into this style when I get my own house.

Either way, it’s a cool style, I love it….and you should to.

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


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