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Two Sofas You Will Find in EVERY Furniture Store

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I know I haven’t shared any personal ideas lately, but I haven’t really had one of those sparks of inspiration that relates to interior design. Probably because I’ve been doing some graphic design work for my church’s youth group. My creativity can only handle so much at once.

But! That does not prevent me from finding plenty of things to write about. There are lots of topics in the design world that I find interesting or entertaining. And since I’ve been absorbed in shopping for new sofa as of late, I noticed a little trend in the sofa market that’s been popping.

First though, you may be wondering why I need a new sofa. Well it’s a bit of a funny story actually so I felt you should know about it. I have a perfectly good couch, a high quality one in fact. But, this couch resided at my parent’s house before I got my own place. And during that time, my father grew rather fond of it. You see, they have a large, finished out basement with a big screen TV. And last football season, it became the place for all of their friends to watch the Colts games (we’re from Indiana). And there is already a couch and loveseat there that they had for years. But since they were holding my couch in that basement as well, my dad cleverly decided to build a platform for my couch to put behind the first one. Stadium seating! But since I moved out, they lost that couch and extra seating. And let me just say, that couch was a kind donation from a friend, and it’s a high quality couch worth at least $1200. So, since my dad did not want to spend money on a new couch given how much it would cost to get one like mine, he decided that he would pay me for mine. And I’m not particularly fond of it myself. It’s too tall in the back and stiffer than I like, plus it’s not to best looking gold color. I have a much more modern style, and this is not a modern looking couch. So, I liked this plan and that is why I have been shopping for a new couch ever since.

Which brings me to the point of my conversation today. I’ve been to a bunch of furniture stores and I’ve begun to notice two types of sofas you will find in every store: a sofa with an attached chaise lounge, and a sofa where the frame is different from the cushion fabric, whether by type or color or both. Now, I don’t know if this is a recent trend or not, and seeing as I don’t shop for furniture much, I wouldn’t notice anyways if it was. But I just had to mention these two trends and what I like about them.

First, the chaise lounge addition to a sofa is, to me, brilliant. I’m the kind of person that has a hard time not putting their feet up all the time, especially when lounging. And recliners are ok, but I love the one continuous cushion that a chaise offers. It also makes a regular sofa feel like a sectional without taking up as much space. Plus, manufacturers have gotten clever and made reversible chaise lounge sofas, so that you are not limited by which side the chaise is on. I would be buying one today if adding the chaise to a sofa didn’t also add some $3-600 more to the price. But some day…

The other trend I noticed is what I’m going to simplify into calling the two-tone sofa. Basically, the frame is one color, and often a different fabric like leather, and the cushions are a different color and fabric, often suede or some other luxurious feeling fabric. For those who like the look of leather but the feel of fabric, this couch has combined the best of both. Plus they are often different colors. Most common: Black leather frame with gray suede fabric or dark brown leather with an earth tone suede fabric. It definitely adds interest to a sofa instead of it being all one color and fabric. And it looks just as luxurious as an all leather sofa or even an all fabric sofa. It’s a smooth move by the manufactures, that’s for certain.

I have seen both of these types of sofas in every store. Every single one. I have even seen the same exact sofa in the same colors in multiple stores and entertain myself by comparing prices. There wasn’t much difference though. Still, it was entertaining to see the same sofas everywhere.

Have you noticed any trends in sofas lately?


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