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Stickers for Your Walls: What a Concept!

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Alright. This is one of my favorite, clever things on that has come out in the market in the past few years and I was reminded recently about how much I love them. If you’ve been in any store recently, especially a store that has home décor for sale, then you will undoubtedly find a section in the aisle, small or large, that has a collection of vinyl wall stickers for your home. Yes my friends, this is THE cheater’s way of adding something to an empty space on a wall that makes it look hand painted, especially if you buy the high quality kind. And you know there are people out there who can’t even draw a decent stick figure, let alone try and paint a beautiful quote or mural on a vertical surface. (No offense, because those who can’t draw often have other awesome skills that I wish I had). And hey, I may be able to crank out a decent drawing, but I’ve tried my hand at painting a quote on a wall and it took forever! Who has that kind of time or wants to waste that kind of effort when you’ve got vinyl wall applications available everywhere! Plus, they come right off! Perfect for dorms and apartments.

Plus, there are plenty of companies out there that would be glad to create a personalized vinyl sticker for you. One company I know of is called Uppercase Living. You can design your own quote, saying, verse, etc. right on their website. And there are plenty of local representatives that you work with to get the personalization you desire. I haven’t used this company before but I plan to someday.

Then of course there are plenty of individuals that make and sell vinyl sticker designs. I find a lot of them on, which was where I had the idea to share this as I was browsing around the site. This is a great site to find unique handmade items from talented artists, and also a great place for those who have those talents to sell their stuff.

So to end today’s post, I want to share some vinyl decal designs from two shops on Etsy that I absolutely love and would love to have in my own home someday.

from a shop on called Walldecors

Click here to visit Walldecors shop. 


from the shop called Designed Designer

Click here to visit DesignedDesigner’s shop.

Basically, vinyl stickers, wall decals, or whatever you want to call them, are pretty much awesome. Somehow I want to believe that whoever first came up with it got the idea from finding their kid has just plastered the wall with a bunch of My Little Ponies stickers in their bedroom. And while their scrubbing off the terrible residue for hours, they may be thinking, “Hey! What if I came up with some stickers that were actually made to apply to the wall? And surely there’s a way to make them come off just as easily.” And then their mind would be exploding with ideas and ways to apply this newfound concept.

Yup, I wish I knew that person.

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