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Odd Little Side Tables

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Today is not so much about an idea but rather about something I saw and found to be a very intriguing piece of furniture.

If you haven’t been to a TJ Maxx Home Goods Store, you should check it out. Prices are decent and you find a lot more unique items then you would in similarly priced places like Kohls, Target, etc. (notice I mentioned the less-expensive places to find stuff for your home. I am a thrifty spender after all) Anyways, every once in a while if I’m looking for something in particular for less money, I’ll add TJ Maxx to my list of places to look in to. But this particular trip was to help my mom (my biggest client, hehe. I’ve helped her redecorate and update over half of her house).

So as we are perusing the aisles, particularly for a console table (but it’s TJ Maxx, you have to look at everything, right? its not like we do this all the time?), and I saw these very unique looking side tables.

First of all, if you’ve been reading regularly, you’ll know why these caught my attention. Metallics, glass, and circles. All things I love to see incorporated into designs. But what intrigued me were how unconventional these two side tables looked, and I have a love for things that are different, even if I wouldn’t know what to do with it. And you have to admit; these are quite out of the ordinary. So who could use these?

Here is where I think these tables could be used:

A room with medieval or classical trends, and I don’t mean some overly themed room that has dragon statues, a sword in the stone, and stone walls (though I do admit I would not be surprised to find these tables displaying such items in one of those types of stores that sells that kind of thing). But a room that has perhaps a wood beam ceiling, or a vaulted one, massive dark wood furniture, classic shapes like wing backed chairs and largely patterned fabrics, a large stone fireplace, arched windows, I could go on and on but you get the idea.

However, I also think these tables could function in a more modern application as well, especially within a room that had simplified elements of the things listed above (because everything that is modern is usually simplified). So rooms with gray painted walls, a classic shaped couch with a modern fabric, a fireplace, etc. Here are some pictures I found where I think these tables could be added in.


Basically, these tables are unique and eclectic. I don’t think you could just add them to any room, even though it would be an eye-catching piece. And though I was tempted to buy them and make them work in my own home since they were so different, it would be impractical (and I didn’t have the money anyways).

Have an odd piece of furniture or home décor piece that is a little different or unique? Embrace it! Enjoy having something out of the ordinary! And feel free to share it here; I’d love to see it!


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