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The Usefulness of Window Shutters

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I think today is a good day to take a break from cranking out ideas from my own brain and share from another source.

Home Made Simple, if I haven’t mentioned already, is a great website I found a while back that has a lot of clever ideas. It reminds me of Better Homes and Gardens, but I like the way they organize and present things better. There are recipes and the like shared on this website to, but I focus on the interior design related articles.  Basically, this won’t be the last time I inform you of the latest thing I found there that I enjoy and might try.

From Home Made Simple

Window shutters. On the outside, they make a home look more country or cottage like in style. And forget functionality. I’ve hardly seen any recently built houses that have actual functioning shutters added to the outside of a house. They are mostly for decoration nowadays. Only the older houses have functioning ones, and that’s if they are still in tact. As for the inside…well its like having heavy duty blinds. Functional (I hope) and again add that country style element. But I know my grandma for one, would instantly mention how one would have to dust all the slats in the blinds all the time, (I think she hates dust). Still, the look of them, whether applied on the exterior or interior, is quite appealing and can add a finishing touch to a home. But I think designers have realized that shutters have woefully lost their functionality in this modern day, so they have come up with different ways to put these decorative pieces of wood back to work.

Thus, I highly recommend you read this article about repurposing window shutters for other uses (click here). It shares four different ways to use shutters for things other than hanging aimlessly around a window; the greatest of these being how they turned a shutter into a side table. Functional and decorative! Awesome! So go check it out!

Honestly though, people do still use shutters functionally to block that pesky sun from ruining furniture our blinding your eyes, or causing skin cancer. I’ve just seen a lot of houses with shutters permanently attached beside windows, which is decorative…but pointless otherwise. There’s no reason to lose the functionality of these things. 


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One thought on “The Usefulness of Window Shutters

  1. I had a client with a painting from a New Orleans artist. The street scene was painted slightly diagonally on the canvas and the house in the painting had teal, distressed shutters. She had me take a shutter and paint it the same as the artwork and then she hung it close to the original artwork at the same angle as it showed in the painting. Turned out cool! Shutters as artwork–who knew!
    I’ve also seen shutters used as a coffee table top with a glass top. Less dust for your grandma’s sake. Looks good in a shabby chic area or beachy look.
    I like your blog.

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