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Paint Stick Pendant Shade: Part 2

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This is more of an “in addition to” post. So if you haven’t read about my intro to this concept click here!

Anyways, I finished the first attempt at a paint stick pendant light this week and while it is a decent first try; I think I can do better. I think the bright colors don’t help any either. But as for how it casts light, it’s not bad. I’m glad I drilled the holes in it.

Here’s how I did it: 1) Drilled a hole in the top for the light/cord. 2) painted the sticks separately (first white, then the color to maintain the true color of the paint)…3) Glued the paint sticks to the paper mache box. 4) drilled holes for a twinkle effect.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So when I finished, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought. And as I was sitting there looking at it, and the lid left over from the box, I started thinking of other ways to do it. So there’s a few pictures and a sketch of some other ideas in that slideshow. I may build another one, especially since a nice guy at home depot gave me 30 paint sticks when I told him what I was attempting to do.

Note for future paint stick building enthusiasts: the ones from home depot are much better quality.

Please leave your feedback on my first attempt. Thanks!


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