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Grandpa’s Kitchen


Ugh, why did I leave my house a mess when I left for the weekend? It’s quite terrible. So instead of being able to share all the inspiration and ideas I got over the weekend while shopping for a couch, I am stuck taking easy way out until my house is back in order so I have time to sit a sketch. And that’s if my ability to resist the urge of playing Zelda for hours on end (thanks to my newly acquired Wii) will hold up.

But, I do have a wonderful quick post to share. My grandpa redesigned his entire kitchen over the past 6 months and I finally got to see it this past weekend. And this is not something that he hired a bunch of people to come in and design and build for him. He designed it, drew it out, and built 99% of it (with a little help from some contractor friends and of course grandma helped a lot too). It really turned out quite beautiful so I had to share it. Plus, seeing it made me realize how much my family has done in the area of exterior/interior design/architecture, so I may be sharing more projects from family members and friends in the future. It’s fun to show what other people have done.

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Let me give you a few quick notes about what this kitchen looked like before it was redone. It was an L-shape with an island in the middle and a buffet/desk area on the opposite wall. The refrigerator was by the cased opening into the living room, which blocked the path when you were getting in it, and the island in the center caused some traffic problems as well. Plus, there was a lack of storage space that my grandma needed.

Though it does make the space a little smaller, it is much better lit, has added at least 25% more storage, functions better in the way they wanted, and definitely added value to the house. The cabinets now all have roll out shelves, the breakfast bar has storage, all the appliances are new, and the formal serving ware is now stored in the buffet right next to the dining table. Plus, they did a superb job of matching the stain of the old cabinets with the new and picking out coordinating finishes. It’s tailored to their needs, and makes for a beautiful kitchen.

Anyways, hope you enjoy seeing a pro’s work. Happy Monday!


Author: Whitney(the)Scott

Hey there! I'm just a 30-something loving life and pursuing adventures beyond the mundane! I have a love for sharing my insights, experiences, and simple enthusiasm for the things I love!

2 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Kitchen

  1. What a wonderful way to honor your Grandpa and Grandma. They did do a wonderful job and you can see how you get your interests and some of your creative talent. Jim sent me your blog and I am enjoying all of them!

  2. It’s beautiful! He did an amazing job.

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