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Ode to Dale Chihuly

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Well, today is another unconventional post day. But! There will be pictures this time.

If any of you have studied art, you can skip this paragraph, because you already know whom I’m talking about. But for those who don’t know this famous artist, here is a little info. Dale Chihuly is a glass artist. He does blown glass sculptures and has shown exhibitions all over the word. He lost his sight in one eye in a car accident and can no longer do the glass blowing himself after a shoulder injury. So now he has a team of designers that he directs to do his designs.

Beautiful outdoor exhibit of one of Chihuly’s works

That’s a very short biography; you should Google more about him. Anyways, I was reading one of the interior design magazines we receive at the office and saw an article about a new permanent exhibit that has been built in St. Petersburg, FL for Chihuly. Basically, it talks about how the architect designed the space around the collection.

But it reminded me of how much I love Dale Chihuly’s work. Adding to my list of affinities for certain design elements, glass and color are two others on that list. And when these affinities are combined beautiful, I INSTANTLY love it! So seeing pictures of this exhibit made me really want to visit a Chihuly exhibit because of his use of blown, colorful glass sculptures and the clever lighting of these pieces that make them appear as if they were glowing.

An indoor display that shows how the lighting makes these look like they are glowing.

I not only love his work for the glass and lively colors, but also its ability to seem natural in whatever setting its placed. Especially when displayed outside in parks and nature scenes. I think the only exception would be the chandeliers. But chandeliers are meant to stand out and grab attention, so there you go.

Anyways, today I just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Chihuly and say “hey! I love your work! Thank you for being unique and artful and sharing your creations with the world!” And I’ve decided that someday I want to visit his largest permanent exhibition as part of that hypothetical “bucket list” stored in my head.

Chihuly is awesome.

Have a favorite artist?


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