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My creative brain is a little busy right now…

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I have to be honest. Today I have no desire to share any of the ideas stored in my virtual warehouse, nor do I have the energy to come with a random idea because my creative side is absorbed in two projects: my soon-to-be-finished paint stick pendant light and my desire to make a digital-to-print recipe book. So I’ll just share what’s on my mind today and see how much the lack of having at least one picture per post will bug me.

So last night I began my project for the month: the paint stick pendant light. I have it painted and pieced together and now am debating over the finishing touches. When it became late and I was still drilling holes for one of these “touches,” I gave up and went to bed. I have to say, that I have been both blessed and cursed with an ability to continually think of different ways to do things. It’s a blessing because it’s excellent for problem solving. It’s a curse because it’s hard to stop and hard to be satisfied with something when you keep thinking of ways that it possibly could have been done better.

As I look at my project on the floor this morning, my mind has been jumping around with different ideas to add to it and give it a finished look. It needs it yes, but I also want it to be done. Impatience can be a problem of mine. Either way, my hopes of showing it by the end of the week are dashed since I leave town tomorrow for the weekend. But, I would rather have it looking awesome before I show it off.

So, with that in the back of my mind I try to distract the creativity it generated and direct it towards something else: the recipe book. I’m not much of a cook. I think I’m better at baking actually. Either way, there are a good number of recipes from the family that I have either done or want to try, plus a few that I’ve found online, that I want to collect into one location. So the question was, how do I want to store this collection?  Store them digitally as a boring word document? Yeah right, I want something more creative and personal. Design and print custom index cards to store in a box? Maybe. Create a digital cookbook with some online publishing company that will print and deliver it? Also an option. But, the problem is how big of a project do I want this to be? Plus, do I want to have the ability to add to it later without reprinting the entire book or should I focus on a simple collection, get them all together, and just add new ones to a new book? There are so many options and it’s not something I’ve thought out. I tend to want to jump into projects without thinking them through enough. Coincidentally, that’s why I made myself really think about this blog before I started it. I knew I wouldn’t keep to it if I didn’t.

So, there you have it. I am not lacking in ideas, just absorbed in a few that don’t really have anything visual to post about yet. Plus the cookbook wouldn’t really make it to this blog since it’s mostly a computer graphics type project.

Thanks for reading. Half the workweek is over! You should celebrate or something..


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