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Outdoor Lounge Spaces

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Ok, one of the things I really want in my future house is an outdoor lounge space. I’m a couch potato, I love lounge furniture. But I also like being outside and would probably be outside more if I had a lounge space to enjoy it in. Or I could get off my lazy but and just go outside more, haha.

Anyways, I thought about this space that I aspire to have as I came across two pictures today. The first is from Dwell Magazine, one of my favorite design magazines.

From Dwell Magazine

Here’s the link for the full article and other pictures:

Though I prefer a screened in area myself because of the bugs, this is a beautiful open space. And lets face it, they saved a bunch on flooring by using the natural, God-given grass. I also am fan of the light fixtures and of course the lounge seating. Its a very simple space that doesn’t take away from the surroundings but seems to expand on them.

I also found this, which is a simple DIY way to add a resort-like feel to your existing back yard space.

From A DIY way of bringing a breezy feel to your outdoor space

Here’s the link for the article:

I just wanted to share this too because of it’s DIYness and because I also like the airiness that fabric can add to a space. I kind of wonder if this is in a desert part of the country because there is no grass, but it could also just be in a well landscaped back yard.

Do you have an awesome outdoor space?



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