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Foam Core Bulletin Board

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Today I thought I’d show you the bulletin board I constructed for myself back in college. I didn’t have a lot of money to buy the size that I wanted for my newly acquired studio space, so I came up with a simple way to make one. Here’s what I did.


1/2” Foam Core: this is a very thick poster board that would easily accommodate thumbtacks. I used a thinner version a lot for school presentations

Luan: this is a thin, inexpensive piece of wood. It comes in large sheets, and luckily for me, the standard size that you can buy it in accommodated two standard size sheets of 1/2” foam core. The luan was to give the bulletin board some backbone. It also made it easy to attach wall hangers later for hanging it on a wall.

Glue: to attach the foam core to the luan

Fabric: this was to give the board a finished look and a personal touch.

Staple Gun: for simple attachment of the fabric


This was a very simple project. I first lay out the luan and glued the two foam core pieces to it. I used my copious amount of textbooks to weigh it down to keep everything flat and still while it dried. After that, I simply stretched a piece of fabric over it and stapled the edges to the piece of luan. Done! I still use my bulletin board today. Here you’ll see how I’ve hung it up in my apartment by the front door. I use it to hold cards I’ve received in the mail, receipts, important notes/letters, and I even attached a little box to hold thumbtacks for easy access.

The thing on the left covered in notes and cards is the bulletin board I made.

This was a very simple way to make a bulletin board. The cost was approximately less than $20 if I remember correctly, especially since I got the foam core half price at Hobby Lobby. If you wanted to make a smaller version, Lowes does free cutting of all their wood, and foam core is quite simple to cut with a good sharp exacto knife.

What do you think? Pretty clever, eh? Your thoughts?


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