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Book Page Flowers


Today I want to share an idea from a magazine that sort of spring boarded the whole idea for starting this blog. Let me give you a short clip of the story.

When I began thinking about starting a blog I could not decide on a focus. During my break one day from work, I went to the bookstore and picked up a special issue of the “Better Homes and Garden’s” magazine called “Do it Yourself.” After reading through the entire magazine, the idea for this blog came into being because it reminded me how much I enjoy crafts, interior design, and improving one’s interior space.

So for today’s idea, I’d like to share one of the projects featured in the magazine.

Book Page Flowers

from the "Do It Yourself"-Sumer 2011 magazine by "Better Homes and Gardens"

This is a simple way to make a unique and lasting flower bouquet. In general, take an old book, tear out the pages, die them with watercolor, fold, glue and add stems. Arrange in a vase and voila, a simple decoration that any bookworm would love. It would look especially clever in a home that had a library or book corner. You could also use different types of paper, like scrapbook paper. This little project has plenty of room for growth (no pun intended).

Has anyone ever tried something like this? Feel free to share your experience!


Author: Whitney

Hey there! I'm Whitney and I have a huge love for life and finding the joy and laughter in the everyday things! I love God and His gift of essential oils that have helped myself and my family live healthier lives. I enjoy sharing about oils, self-improvement, and spiritual principles in the hopes that others may learn and gain new insights into their own lives.

3 thoughts on “Book Page Flowers

  1. If you do end up trying it, share your pictures/experience on it 🙂

  2. I want to try that! That looks like a really cute idea. 🙂

  3. I have that issue of DIY! I love those flowers and put them on cards all the time! We need to get together and have a craft night!

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