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Floor Plan Design from the Past

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Welcome to the very first official post of sketchbookYellow. I thought it would be fun to take it back old school for the first design idea I wanted to share.

As I was going through my files collecting content for my upcoming posts, I ran across this floor plan layout that I designed back in high school (this was when I dabbled in an architecture career) I thoroughly enjoy space planning more than anything which is why this is just a pencil drawing. I have to say it reminded me of a few things I’d like to have in my future house if I had a bunch of money. But, it would need some definite improvements. It’s funny to look back at this with all my experience and design knowledge now. I’ll point out a few things I like/want to have though.

from my highschool days

First, the Kitchen. I love island kitchens where you’re facing out towards the house while cooking. Plus, the bar space is a must. If I were going to entertain or cook for a family, I would love a place for them to sit and talk while I cook.  What I also like about this is the window into the dining room to pass food through, and also the dinette area for informal meals. Also lots of windows in that dinette add a lot of natural lighting.

An example of the type of fireplace I considered for this design

So in the Living Room there are two random circles. It took me a while to figure out what those were. The one in the center of the room is a modern style fireplace.It would either be a fire pit style with a vent/chimney above, or a glassed in gas one.

Example of the type of chair I was thinking in the corner.

I think that other random circle in the corner is a hanging egg chair. Always liked those but I doubt I will have one in a house someday. Then of course you have your sofa and half circle side table (I’m obsessed with circles), and a wall mounted TV by the egg chair. The window placements in this room are really odd…I don’t think I planned those out very well.

Overall, it’s not the best floor plan I’ve done, but hey, I was only in highschool, just starting out my career. Maybe I’ll take some time and go back to improve upon it. You can tell from it though that I like to break away from the typical square/rectangular spaces and have an open plan. I definitely hope to take some elements from this plan and find them in a future home some day. But as a designer, I’ve become a lot more flexible and have learned how to make things work within the space given.

How would you improve this plan? What are some things you have or would like to have in your ideal home?


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